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About Us

'Horses, proud horses
Listening to the grass soughs.
Light and free,
As a bird on a clear sky'

(Krzysztof Dzikowski - 'Sunrise in a studfarmi')

With these lyrics of a famous song we would like to invite you to our Polish Arabian horse stud farm. We established it in 2012 and have been enjoying many successes at both national and international shows since the very beginning. Since December 2016 it has found its place in Dąbrówka, just 4 km away from the center of Kazimierz Dolny. We have chosen this location due to the outstanding architectural and landscape valors of the town and its area. Kazimierz by the Vistula River is a historical monument called "the pearl of Polish renaissance", a royal town known in 16th century as one of the biggest trading centers in Poland. Its specific, private atmosphere, famous cafes, restaurants and pensions, as well as beautiful landscapes of the surrounding hills, valleys and loess ravines attract many Polish and international tourists.

To show the appreciation for the beauty of the town's architecture we preserved the spirit of the master builders of the past. We wanted to combine the atmosphere of a Polish manor house, where the Arabian horse breeding tradition was known long ago, with the unique landscapes of the area. We hope we have managed to achieve this goal and that we have fulfilled our dreams.

All those sharing our passion - love for horses, beautiful landscapes and the spirit of history - will be welcomed in our farm with traditional Polish hospitality!!

Agata and Piotr Parys..